To start a Design career, Aspirants needs to follow certain steps to apply for AIDAT which is a National Level Examination that will open doors to explore numerous design courses and universities across India. Follow these 6 steps to start you Design Career:


Register for AIDAT 2024 using the registration portal

All India Design Aptitude Test (AIDAT), A National Level Entrance Examination that offers admissions in Top design universities across India. For candidates to begin their design career, the 1st step is to register for AIDAT 2024 through our user-friendly registration portal in order to begin the process of being selected. Create an account, provide all the necessary details, and get started on your creative journey.

Entrance Exam

Register for AIDAT 2024 using the registration portal

Step- 2 is to take the next step towards your passion by appearing for the AIDAT exam 2024. This is the candidate’s canvas to showcase their creative brilliance and unique vision. 100 multiple-choice questions will be included in the exam, which is scheduled to last 60 minutes. AIDAT is the best option to choose the best design college in India. To appear for the entrance exam, candidates can prepare for the exam with the help of study material where resources are carefully curated to help candidates navigate the intricacies of design aptitude, ensuring that you are well-equipped to excel in the test. By taking the entrance exam, students are in a position to select the best design course that suits their interests.


Download result from the student portal

You can download the All India Design Aptitude Test (AIDAT exam 2024) effortlessly by visiting our dedicated student portal found on this page. The result is declared according to the candidate's performance in the entrance exam. After going through the result, candidates needs to book their slots for counselling sessions.


Book your slot for the Counselling

Candidates can choose their dream design college and course through our expert counseling sessions. Secure your slot today to receive personalized guidance, insightful career advice, and the opportunity to make an informed decision that aligns with your aspirations. Our experienced counselors are committed to helping you shape your creative journey for a brighter future in the design industry. Don't miss out on this invaluable chance to choose your best-fit design college and set the course for success.

Personal Interview

Book your slot for Portfolio | Interview Test

Prepare to shine as you step into our innovative Personal Interview process, a unique fusion of critical thinking, vision assessment, design ability evaluation, aesthetic sense discernment, observation & memory scrutiny, scale & proportion analysis, and fundamental design principle understanding. Our panel of design experts meticulously assess your portfolio, delving into your personal and design attributes. Through an automated chatbot-enabled interview in a designated interview space, you'll face a set of thought-provoking questions that reveal your creative prowess.

Furthermore, rest assured that our interview experience is guided by a counselor and academic expert who are on hand to delve into deeper discussions. As you progress, you'll receive a student review based on meticulous rubrics, offering insights into your design aptitude and inclination. This meticulous process is designed to empower you with the knowledge of your strengths and areas to enhance, guiding you toward making a decision that aligns perfectly with your creative aspirations.


Select the college and book your seat

Now, with your personal interview and counseling insights in mind, candidates need to take the final step towards your dream design education. Select the college that resonates with your aspirations and aspirations, and secure your seat in a learning environment tailored to your creative journey. The culmination of your efforts, discussions, and aspirations awaits as you embark on this exciting new chapter.