Prepare yourself for the AIDAT Exam 2024 by using this syllabus to structure your study plan.

Syllabus 1

Design aptitude, drawing & sketching, 2D/3D visualisation.

General Knowledge about design discipline, colour theory, basic glossary and software knowledge.

Elements & principles of design, creative thinking & writing, textures, pattern & surfaces, light & shadow.

Logical reasoning, use of Measurements, scale & proportions, good design vs bad design, memory drawing, graphics & pictograms, basics of commercial mathematics, etc.

Syllabus 2

Critical thinking, vision, innovation & creation, material manipulation, evolving ideas, design ability, aesthetic sense, foreshortening & perspective, lateral thinking.

Form & function, observation & memory, visual logic, scale & proportion etc.


Syllabus AIDAT 2024

Sample Paper AIDAT 2024